Picture by David Wagnières
“Can you resist to the Cubzmania ?” Rudi Farkas, 72 years old
Creator & Programmer of the Cubz

What user are saying

  • by yannis_ Fantastic puzzle game. Many characteristics make Cubz stand out among other iPhone games: It has a beautifully designed interface, with many themes to chose from. After a few games with the basic 3x3 level, everything starts with the 3x3x2 and then 3x3x3 levels... a quite steep learning curve that just increase the pleasure to solve one of those puzzles. And then you can replay the exact same game and try to increase your score, send this game as a challenge to a friend or share your scores online via Twitter or Facebook... I just wish that this game was released sooner as it is so much better than the average iPhone game... well worth the price tag!
  • by NULLTi(g)cv Great game! Good design . This is a great game with a awesome design. Usually puzzle games like this are poor, but clearly this app stands out! Well worth the price, and it have you playing for hours!
  • by Anthonyrc Superb!!. In a sea of mediocre iPhone games this one really stands out. Extremely addictive, excellent eye-candy, a real brain teaser.
  • by mydogdeacon Recommend. I recently downloaded this game so I don't have a lot of playing time in yet. It's got good graphics, it's easy to play and so far I like it a lot. I would recommend this game. It's worth the $.
  • by mccasal Cubz's addiction. There was the Rubikscube now we have Cubz!
  • by bummzack Clever Puzzle Game . Really well done puzzle game. Takes the classical sliding-game to the third dimension. The controls are very sensitive. If you're tapping a piece to slide it, it can happen that you accidentally rotate the view.. not a big problem, but sometimes a bit annoying. Solving multiple "puzzle-layers" is a challenge, because the layers obstruct each other. Especially in 3x3x3 mode, you'll need a lot of view-changes to see what's going on on the middle layer. Makes me wish for the possibility to fade out layers ;)

Cubz - 3D Sliding Puzzle Game

for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Cubz is a 3D sliding puzzle game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch inspired by the famous sliding 15 Puzzle game. The game consists of 8, 17 or 26 cubes disposed in a matrix called Cubz.

The goal is to reorder the cubes one by one as quickly as possible and with a minimum number of moves.

Cubz is a brainchild of Rudi Farkas (1938), a retired software engineer.


  • New: iPad HD, iPhone & iPod touch versions in one application
  • Three different sizes: 8, 17 and 26 cubes
  • Three levels of difficulty per size: beginner, advanced and expert
  • New: 7 original graphical themes
  • Choice of cubes marked with numbers or letters
  • Original music by Stian Stark
  • Send challenges to your friends by email
  • Publish your best scores on the online leaderboard
  • Replay friends’ games and try to beat their scores
  • Publish scores on Facebook
  • Spread scores on Twitter
  • New: Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (more languages coming soon)